How to get the best exfoliation

Your skin loves the feeling of a deep exfoliation. Smoothing away dry dead skin has never been easier with the BondiBare Luxe Exfoliating Glove. Made from Vegan Silk from authentic Turkish fibres, the glove will deeply remove dead skin, fake tan and boost your skin circulation, resulting in smooth, glowing skin every time. 

Here are our top tips that our team use in order to get your dead, dry skin peeling away effectively. Be assured that even if you don't see your skin peeling away, the glove is still removing your dead skin cells.

Our top tips for smooth glowing skin

    • Allow your skin to completely moisten in a warm shower or bath for around 5 - mins
    • Remove your body from the shower or bath, this step is key. Ensure that your body is not in water or under running water
    • Wait a few seconds once you are out of the water
    • Once your skin is moist and soft glide your BondiBare glove across your body up and down in sweeping motions
    • Watch your dead, dry skin peel away to reveal new glowing skin
    • Reminder: Avoid using under running water for best results.
    • Now it's time to nourish your skin with your favourite body moisturiser. 

Grab the Luxe Exfoliating Glove to get smooth, glowing skin in seconds. 

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