After late nights out and big days at the office the last thing we want to do is spend too much time getting "unready", so we can relax.

After struggling to find a natural product that was effective enough at removing makeup without a ton of harsh chemicals, and also noticing the accumulating stack of single use makeup wipes in our bathroom bin we decided we didn't want to contribute to more landfill and needed a more simplified way of removing our makeup. In addition, the disposable makeup wipes were drying our skin out and left it looking dull + lacklustre! 

We needed a quick, simple and effective way of getting "unready" without the chemicals and tons of products which were taking up space in our bathroom plus costing us loads of money. 

We know so many women were feeling the same, so to simplify the beauty routine and make it sustainable, BondiBare was born. The most luxurious, soft and effective makeup remover + cleansing puff you'll ever put on your pretty little face!


Now let's get Bare! 

vegan, cruelty-free, chemical-free, dye-free & sustainable